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Kingsville Economic Development Council

Workers prepare the new Newman Dorm for occupancy this Fall at Texas A&M University-Kingsville
New $11.5-million Gillette Middle School
New 250 room dorm at Texas A&M University-Kingsville
I-69 upgrades to US Hwy 77
Recently opened $9.2-million Harvey Elementary School
Kingsville Residential Development

About the EDC

Located in South Texas, the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council is a non-profit corporation funded by both private and public dollars.  Formed in 1987 as a joint effort between the City of Kingsville and Kleberg County, Texas, the Council helps to maintain the quality of life in the area by promoting economic opportunity in the region. The council believes the creation of new jobs will allow Kingsville residents better employment opportunities, while expanding the tax base and decreasing the tax burden on existing property owners.  New employment will provide additional disposable income which allows small businesses to profit and expand.

The mission of the Economic Development Council is to create new jobs through acquisition, expansion, and retention of primary income-producing industries, and to enhance diverse investment opportunities which expand the Kingsville and Kleberg County tax base.

​Our vision is for the Kingsville area to be an excellent place for a superior quality of life for families, workers, and for investors. This will be achieved in the following ways:

People – The Council will support issues and projects that develop and maintain a superior quality of life, and that will promote and maintain a diverse and skilled workforce to support the retention and growth of jobs.

Education – The Council will support excellence in education, from pre-school through post-graduate studies, so that the system serves as a magnet to attract and retain families, workers, and investors.

Infrastructure – The Council will support governmental, political, and private sectors to maintain a competitive capacity for water, sewer, transportation, housing, power, and communication resources that are provided in a safe, secure and attractive environment.

Financial – The Council will support activities to provide and maintain sound and fertile economic opportunity for businesses and consumers.

In what primary types of industries is the EDC interested?
​- Call Centers/Information providers
– Aerospace/defense contractors
– Petro-chemical industries
– Agricultural industries
– ​Fabric spinning, weaving, cutting, sewing
– Distribution & warehousing
– Plastic molders & manufacturers
– Electronic components
​- Medical/HealthCare services

What Makes The EDC So Effective?
– Responds quickly to business inquiries
– Maintains current database of available sites and buildings
​- Maintains current community information regarding labor, utilities, support services, demographics, etc.
​- Forms alliances with local utility companies, Texas Dept. of Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, and Kingsville Area Industrial Foundation, Port of  Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Business Alliance.
​- Serves as liaison between city, county, school district, and water authority on providing recruitment incentives/tax abatements.