About Us

Kingsville Chamber of Commerce

For over 100 years, the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce has been at the fore-front of initiatives that promote and develop business opportunities in the community.  Through its growth and development, it has produced several significant organizations, such as the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council and the Kingsville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The Kingsville Chamber of Commerce is funded solely by its members and we strive to serve them in all that we do. We ask that you support them by utilizing this website and our membership directory when in need of a particular good or service. Your support will help foster the continued growth of our city and economy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce is to improve the Kingsville business environment through voluntary partnerships with economic, civic, commercial, industrial, and educational interests by capitalizing on the strengths of our community and its businesses.

Vision Statement

To create an environment that encourages economic growth and enrichment of the Kingsville community and its surrounding areas by coordinating the efforts of its membership. To present Kingsville as a benchmark community and model of excellence, exploring every means possible to achieve its goals while maintaining its unique heritage.